06.00 Reporter’s Notebook

A journalist I admire is Anderson Cooper.

Anderson started just simply answering phones for Channel One, but it was not what he wanted so he pushed to get on-air and he started to film live from around the world to report news. From there he got his own media talk show ‘Anderson Cooper 306’ and his new talk show ‘Anderson’. Anderson worked for Channel one and is now working his own show on ABC.  At first Anderson did not intend to become a journalist so he didn’t go to school for it, so that was a step back. So he, as I said, started just by answering phones, to recording news lives from around the world, to having his onw talk shows. I think Anderson has all the level of experience needed; not every reporter gets to go to third world countries report news.

All Andersons passed jobs were almost exactlly the same, each job that is known has something to do with journalisim. In my opinion Anderson is at the top os his career, he has two great talk shows and he still has the chance to report live from other countries, i don’t think anything can get better then that.


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